Islamic Calendar 2018 | Hijri Calendar 1439

The Islamic calendar or conjointly referred to as Hijri Calendar is essentially a lunar calendar which consists of 12 months and also the year has 354 or 355 days. In several Muslim countries this calendar is followed in order to keep the dates. The Islamic calendar is incredibly important for the Muslim’s in order to […]

Hindu Calendar 2018 with Tithi | Panchang 2018

2018 Hindu calendar is a term that is collectively used for various lunisolar calendars and they are traditionally adopted in Hinduism. This is adopted so that one can know the concept of timekeeping, and when New Year starts, and to give emphasis to which cycle – moon cycle or the sun cycle. The most followed […]

Free Printable Calendar 2018 Template

In today’s world, people are mostly very busy in their daily life schedule. So, in order to maintain the hectic scheduling of their life they can follow the calendar 2018.Nowadays, also calendars are made accordingly as per the customer’s choice of need. All the important dates and holidays are mentioned very clearly in the printable […]

Printable Calendar 2018 with Holidays | Holiday Calendar 2018 Template

India, being a culturally variant and fervent society, is celebrating various 2018 holidays and festivals. There are four national holidays 2018 in India as we all know: Republic Day on the 26th of January, International Workers’ Day on the 1st of May, Independence Day on the 15th of  August and Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday on the  2nd of  October. Federal Holidays 2018 Calendar Different States […]

Full Moon Calendar 2018 | New Moon Calendar 2018 (Lunar Calendar 2018)

The lunar calendar is a calendar that is based on the Moon’s cycle or phases. This is in contrast to the solar calendar which is based only on the solar year. The Gregorian calendar as we all know is the most common calendar is based on the solar calendar but was invented originally based on […]