Islamic Calendar 2018 | Hijri Calendar 1439

The Islamic calendar or conjointly referred to as Hijri Calendar is essentially a lunar calendar which consists of 12 months and also the year has 354 or 355 days. In several Muslim countries this calendar is followed in order to keep the dates. The Islamic calendar is incredibly important for the Muslim’s in order to keep the fasting dates at the exact date and time also when to go to Mecca for pilgrimage.

Islamic Calendar 2018

Arabic Calendar 2018, Islamic calendar 2018

The Islamic calendar uses the Hijri era that had been established a long way back in AD 622. It was devised when Muhammad with his followers went from Mecca to Medina (earlier referred to as Yathrib). After this the first Muslim community was formed and was commiserated as Hijra.

1439 Hijri Calendar: The current Hijri year is 1439 AH. The year 1439 AH runs from 21st September 2017 to 10th September 2018. AH means Al-Hajj.

The precious months of this era are the Ramadan Kareem and Rabi ul Awwal. Ramadan is a holy month of fasting while the Prophet SAW was born on 8th or 12th of Rabi ul Awwal.

For Central Arabia, especially the holy city of Mecca, since there is not much knowledge of dates so various details were found in various writings given by the Muslim authors of Abbasid era.

Hijri Calendar 2018

Arabic Calendar 2018, Hijri calendar 1439

The ancient inscriptions show that various Saudi Arabian calendars were used as local calendars. The lunisolar system is followed in various calendars. It is well known that the ancient arabs used the same name of months as used by the Muslims. There are two types of months: one are the permitted months and others are the forbidden months. That is the resaon that the islamic calendar is considered unanimous. The forbidden months are the months in which fighting is not allowed and this is known as Rajab. The forbidden months are also given in the Procopious writings. In his writing he has described the demise of Lakhmid al-Mundhirn which had happened in 541 AD summer. These four months are not linked to any particular season by the Muslim Historians. These months are linked by Qurans with Nasi which means postponement.

Out of the twelve months, four months of the Hijri months are considered sacred: Rajab and the consecutive three months of Dhū al-Qa‘dah, Dhu al-Ḥijjah  and Muḥarram.

Hijri Calendar 1439

Arabic Calendar 2018, urdu calendar 2018

The various months name and details are:-

  • Muharram – ( meaning forbidden ) – Its sacred month, called because fighting and battling is forbidden (ḥarām) during this month. The tenth day is included in Muharram.
  • Safar – ( meaning void ) – It is named so because at this particular time of the year some of the houses were empty as the people living in them had gone to collect food. Also people recollect that these houses were looted and nothing was left behind.
  • Rabi ul-Awaal – ( meaning the first spring ) – The cattle’s were used to graze around at this time of the month, hence the name. Also, it is a very important time for Muslim’s as Prophet Mohammad was born in this month.
  • Rabi ul-akhir – ( meaning the second spring ) – In this month the sight of crescent month is sighted.
  • Jumada al-awaal – ( meaning the first of parched land) – It is the pre Islamic summer. Though it was considered summer still people thought that the water will freeze at this time of the month.
  • Jumada al-thani – ( meaning the last of the parched land ) – It is the sixth month in the Islamic calendar. It means the dry month that is there will be very less rain.
  • Rajab – ( meaning respect, honour ) – In this month the fights and battles are forbidden and the Islamic Arabs remove the spear heads so that they can’t fight.
  • Shaban – ( meaning scattered ) – This time of the year is when the Arabs go different places and find water. It also means to come between two things and this is because it comes between Rajab and Ramadan.
  • Ramadan – ( meaning burning heat ) – It is the month of fasting. In this month due to excessive heating of sun, there are high temperatures. It is most respected month in the Hijri calendar. In this time of the month, the Muslim’s must fast from dawn to sunset and also help the poor and needy.
  • Shawwal – ( meaning raised ) – The female camels are normally getting in the form of calf and will raise their tails.
  • Dhu al-Qidah – ( meaning the one of truce/sitting ) – This is a holy month in which waging wars is banned. But the people are allowed to defend if they are being attacked.
  • Dhu al-Hijjah – ( meaning the one of pilgrimage ) – During this month all the Muslim’s from all over the world gather at the Mecca to visit the Kabba. On the eighth, the ninth and the tenth the Hajj is performed. The festival of sacrifice, better known as Eid al Adha, starts on the tenth and is ended during the sunset of the twelfth and also in this time war is banned.

    Urdu Calendar 2018

    Urdu Calendar 2018, 2018 hijri calendar

Every month in the 2018 Islamic calendar is based on the birth of new cycle of lunar. This is basically based on the watching of crescent which marks the ending of the previuos month and starts the new lunar month. This means that there can be twenty nine or thirty days in a month depending  upon the moon’s visibility as well as the earth’s position. The weather conditions are also a greta factor in seeing the crescent moon. There are certain groups of people who follow the Islamic calendar and in it it shows that the odd numbered months have tweny nine days while the even numbered have thirty days and there are a total of twelve months.

Arabic Calendar 2018

Arabic Calendar 2018, islamic calendar 2018

In Arabic, according to the planetary week, the first day is Sunday. The weekdays in islam starts at the beginning of sunset. Yawm al Jumah, also known as the gathering day, is done by Muslim’s when they gather to worship at a mosque which is generally done on a Friday. This day is also better known as the “rest day”. This has been made official in many Muslim Countries where Saturday and Sunday are official weekends.

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