July 2018 Printable Calendar

July is the amazing month of the year which has really lots of historical moment, celebration, holidays, vacation, and festivals. July is considered as the 7th month of the year in both Julian and Gregorian calendar but earlier it was considered as the 5th month of the year in the Roman calendar that’s why it was also known as Quintiles.

July 2018 Calendar

July 2018 Calendar, July Calendar 2018

The month of July comes after the month of June and falls in between the month of June and August. The name of the month of July is kept after the name of Julius Caesar. 1st or 2nd of the July is considered as the midpoint of the July. When we talk about the beginning if the month of July then the month of July starts on the same day of the month of April and on the leap it starts same day of both January and April and we talk about the ending of the month then it never ends of same day of week of any of the month in common year but in leap year it ends same day of the month of January.

July 2018 Holiday Calendar

July 2018 Holiday Calendar, 2018 July Calendar

The season of this month is equal the January of another hemisphere as there is winter season in the south and there in the summer season in the north. July is considered as the warmest month of the year in the southern hemisphere and there are many activities like music fest, sports fest, annual fest usually held in this month in northern hemisphere and in southern hemisphere it is considered as the coldest season of the year and the minimum temperature is recorded in Antarctica in this month. July starts on the same day of the week of the month of October in the previous year and it starts same as May in a leap year.

July 2018 Printable Calendar

July 2018 Printable Calendar, July 2018 Calendar Printable

July finished same as the month of February and October in common year and May in the leap year of previous year. The flower of the July month is the varieties flower of water lily and the birthstone of this month is ruby. Do you know the meaning of birthstone ruby? Yes, the meaning of birthstone ruby is contented mind.

2018 July Calendar, July 2018 Blank Calendar

The two astrological sign of month of July is cancer which falls between June 21 to July 21 and Leo which falls between the months of July 22 to August 21. There are two holidays which falls in the month if July first is fixed holidays which falls on the same date of every year and the second one is unfixed holidays which has no same date but falls on the same month of the year.

July 2018 Blank Calendar

July 2018 Blank Calendar, July 2018 Calendar Template

Some of the fixed festivals or holidays of month of July are Canada day, independent day of Rwanda, Somalia and Burundi, doctor’s day, liberation day, silence day, statehood day, world population day, constitution day,  Mandela day, revolution day in Egypt, liberation day, international tiger day, world hepatitis day, throne day and the movable festivals are FIFA world cup, summer Olympics and some historical moment in the month of July are American civil war, Croatia joins European union, the countries like Algerian and Malawi becomes independent in the month of July.

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