December 2018 Printable Calendar

December is the month which is loved by most of the people because there is winter in the northern hemisphere in this month and also this is the last month of the year where people waits for next year and celebrate festivals like Christmas on the month of December.

December 2018 Calendar

December 2018 Calendar, December Calendar 2018

December is listed as 12th month of the year on both the calendar that is the Julian and Gregorian calendar and this beautiful month which is also  7th month of the year which is consisting of 31 days of the month. The name of this month that is December comes from the Latin word Decem which means ten, the December is coming from word decem because of only one reason that it was listed as the 10th month of the year in Roman calendar in earlier stage because in Roman calendar the month starts with month of March but now the year starts with the month of January.

December Calendar 2018

December Calendar 2018, 2018 December Calendar

The month of December starts on the same day of the September month and this month ends on the same day of the month of April. When we say about the common year then the month December starts on the same day of the month of April as well as July and ends on the same day of July of the previous year and how can we forget to compare the beginning and ending of month in leap year, so in leap year the months begins same as the month of October and ends on the same day of month if February and October of the previous year.

December 2018 Blank Calendar

December 2018 Blank Calendar, December 2018 Excel Calendar

When we talk about the weather or season in the month of December then let me tell you in the month of December there is winter in northern hemisphere and there is summer season in southern hemisphere. The December month is mostly dominated by only one festival that is Christmas and it is celebrated on the 25th of December of every year. The Christmas is celebrated by mainly Christian country but nowadays it is celebrated by all the countries. The 25 December is the special date which is marked as the birth of the god of Christian that is Jesus Christ that’s why this day is celebrated as a very grand way.

December 2018 Holiday Calendar

December 2018 Holiday Calendar, 2018 December Holiday Calendar

There are many other festivals in the month of December which are celebrated in all over the world, and it has both festivals movable as well as non-movable we will discuss both the festivals, first of all, we will tell you the zodiac sign of the month of October is Sagittarius and Capricorn. The beautiful flower of the month of December is narcissus and there are three months of the month of December is turquoise, zircon, and tanzanite. Now the movable festivals or events of the month of December is small business day which is celebrated in UK, chalice, human rights and peace day, AIDs awareness day, farmers day,  Advent Sunday, green Monday, blue Christmas, black Friday, honesty Sunday, family day, great union day, national day and many others movable events celebrate on the month if December.

December 2018 Calendar Template

December 2018 Calendar Template, 2018 December Calendar Template

The fixed events and festivals of the months are armed forces day and national day on the 2nd December, advocates day in India and doctors day in Cuba celebrated on 3rd of December, navy day on the 4th December, Bodhi day in Japan which is celebrated on the 8th of December, humbug is on 21 December, mother’s day celebrated in Indonesia on 22nd December, boxing day on the 26 December. Many of the historical events also held on the month of December which makes this month more precious and some of the historical moments on this month are like Iceland becomes independent, Libya becomes independent, USSR is founded in the month of December, magnolia becomes independent.

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