October 2018 Printable Calendar

October is the month which comes just after the month of September and it is known as the 10th month of the year and falls between the month September and November. The October month consists of 31 days and this is the 6th as well as second last month which is consisting of the total number of 31 days in a month of the year.

October 2018 Calendar

October 2018 Calendar, October Calendar 2018

The name of the month October comes from the Latin word that is “oct” which means eight, the name is October because of only one reason that in older age the October was the 8th month of the year but it replaced by the August as now the August is the 8th month of the year and October comes on the 10th number because of adding of the month of January and February as 1st as well as 2nd month of the year. The October has changed its rank in the calendar but the name of this month still remains the same.

October 2018 Holiday Calendar

October 2018 Holiday Calendar, October 2018 Calendar Holiday

The most important thing of this month is season which is loved by most of the people i.e. in southern hemisphere there is spring season and in northern hemisphere there is autumn season and do you know the above season is equivalent to the month of April of the other hemisphere sphere that means if there is spring season in this month in the southern hemisphere then there will be spring in the month of April in northern hemisphere and vice- versa and the time comes to the beginning and the ending of the month so, the beginning as well as ending of this month is same as the month of January only in common years and also ends in February in every year either it is leap year or common. There is no any months begins same as this month in the leap year.

October 2018 Printable Calendar

October 2018 Printable Calendar, October 2018 Calendar Template

The October starts as same as the month of May in the common year of previous year and ends on the same day of the month of May in common year of previous year and in leap year the months starts same as the month of August and ends at the same as August and November in the previous year. The birthstone for this October month is tourmaline as well as opal and the name of the flower of this month is calendula. The two zodiac sign of this October months is Libra and Scorpio. The zodiac sign Libra is from 22nd September to 22nd October and Scorpio is from 23rd October to 21st November.

October 2018 Blank Calendar

October 2018 Blank Calendar, 2018 October Blank Calendar

Now we will discuss about the festivals of this October month as well as historical moment but first of all we will tell about the festivals which fall in the month of October that is independence day of Nigeria, Palau and guinea, world food day, Alaska day, apple day, united nations day, Nevada day and some of the historical moment like the country like Nigeria, Fiji becomes independent, foundation of East Germany, the beginning of Cuban missile crisis, foundation of the united nations,  the uprising of Hungarian begins.

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