Pork Fajitas Recipe

We love pork fajitas because they are super easy to make, you only need a few ingredients and fewer steps. It is also packed with loads of veggies which makes it healthy. Let’s not forget that although it is simple to make, it is rich in flavor. You can prepare everything ahead of time and drop them in the pan before eating. 

People use pork for fajitas because they cook quickly and they are lean and tender. This makes it easier to slice into thin pieces for this recipe. Moreover, pork fajitas are keto and low carb. Do well to wrap the cooked fajitas in romaine lettuce leaves for the keto version, or opt for low-carb wraps.

Ingredients needed for pork fajitas

  • Pork (including center-cut chops)
  • Seasoning – you can make your fajita seasoning or buy instant-made seasonings
  • Vegetables – onions, colorful bell peppers, squash, mushrooms, and corn

How to Make Pork Fajitas

  • Season your thinly sliced pork tenderloin. Make sure to toss with olive oil and lime juice. Sauté in oil until it looks brown, then set aside.
  • Sauté peppers, and onions
  • Add the pork back to the skillet and turn up the heat without overcooking it
  • Serve everything in warmed tortillas, over rice (or lettuce wraps). 
  • Bring bowls of salsa, sour cream, and spicy pico de gallo. You can also top up with cheddar, fresh guacamole, and shredded Monterey Jack. Do not forget jalapenos and olives!

Ready to make delicious pork fajitas? This recipe can help you get started.

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